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Linux Knowledge Restoration – GRUB Mistake 17 and Restoration Possibilities

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Linux Knowledge Restoration – GRUB Mistake 17 and Restoration Possibilities

GNU GRUB or the GRand Unified Bootloader is a boot loader package from GNU with the implementation of multi boot specification. This permits a person to set up a number of running technique in a solitary laptop and decide on the one particular, which is to be operate when the laptop starts off. GRUB facilitates a prosperous established of terminal commands that make it possible for a person to look at the really hard disk partition particulars, change partition settings, quickly re-map the disk get, boot any user-defined configuration file and perspective the configuration of other boot loaders in GRUB supported file formats. Typically, GRUB errors suggest that the tricky generate is suffering from mistakes and in those people instances, if current backup is not available, Linux knowledge restoration is the only secure alternative to get your important knowledge back again.

Getting a serious daily life occasion in account, when making an attempt to boot, your Linux foundation technique gave an mistake and the information saved grow to be inaccessible. The error could examine as follows:


“GRUB Error 17: Can not mount selected partition” –


The higher than GRUB mistake information could come about thanks to next causes:

If the partition, that has been asked for, exists, but the file system sort can’t be acknowledged by GRUB.

The mount place for the booting in the file /and so on/fstab is pointing to an incorrect boot gadget. Be aware: ‘/and many others/fstab’ is the file that lists all the obtainable disks, their partitions and conveys their initialization details when the mount command is employed on the devices.

Some of your LINUX partition is struggling from file method corruption faults. However, GRUB has failed to recognize the mistake and started out booting up that corrupted partition.


If the file ‘/etcetera/fstab’ that usually details to an incorrect boot partition, consider to edit it as per the boot machine.

Try to run ‘fsck’ command on your boot partition to fix the errors with your file method.

Soon after trying the previously mentioned actions, if the trouble nevertheless persists, reformat the partition.

Even so, formatting will erase all the knowledge from the partition and to restore the same, you have to have updated backup. If the backup is not readily available, or due to any purpose, it failed to restore the info, Linux file restoration computer software is the only suggests that can get better and restore your precious knowledge into its initial point out.

These Linux data recovery softwares are threat cost-free with respect to info, as they never even more damage neither the data nor the storage media.

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