December 7, 2023

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Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certification: 1Z0-147 or 1Z0-144?

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For Oracle gurus who are pursuing the Oracle PL/SQL Developer Accredited Affiliate certification, there are two tests that will satisfy the PL/SQL need: “1Z0-147: Software with PL/SQL” and the more recent version: “1Z0-144: Oracle Database 11g: Application with PL/SQL”. There is a good quantity of confusion among candidates trying to find certification about no matter if they should really take just one check, or the other, or both. The intent of this post is to assistance describe the two checks, their similarities and differences, and why you may get a single about the other.

A single detail need to be manufactured distinct from the outset: there is under no circumstances a reason to choose both equally checks. In contrast to the DBA observe, Oracle PL/SQL certifications are not tied to the database launch. You do not become certified in launch X of Oracle PL/SQL and then have a necessity to consider up grade tests. Simply because possibly of these two tests will satisfy the OCA-amount PL/SQL need, passing the other would deliver no certification benefit. That claimed, you should come to a decision which of the two tests to pursue. The 1Z0-147 take a look at is many yrs older than 1Z0-144. Unless there is a distinct reason that using the more mature examination will benefit you, your better choice is to go with the 11G variation of the exam. Till Oracle retires 1Z0-147, even so, the decision is yours.

The two checks have a good deal of commonality involving them. This would make feeling as they are for primarily the very same matter. What is stunning is the range of differences that exist among the two. 1Z0-144 is not only a remake of the before examination with new PL/SQL functions from variations 10G and 11G tacked on. There is an solely distinct really feel to the test and the matters protected. There are a number of sections that do not exist in 1Z0-147 which protect features that did not exist in 9i. However, the vast majority of the new sections in 1Z0-144 go over core subjects of PL/SQL programming that arguably should really have been in the earlier take a look at. Some of the kinds of details included in 1Z0-144 but not 1Z0-147 contain:

  • The advantages of applying PL/SQL
  • Programming fundamentals, which include variables, conventions, attributes, and lexical models
  • Use of SQL functions in PL/SQL
  • Implicit vs. specific knowledge conversion
  • Use of labels, indentation, and whitespace to make extra readable code
  • The use of DML in PL/SQL
  • The use of management structures and Loops
  • The use of cursors and cursor characteristics
  • The use of the FOR UPDATE clause
  • Exception Managing
  • PL/SQL Style and design criteria
  • Composite details kinds
  • Autonomous transactions
  • BULK SQL functions
  • PL/SQL compiler changes

The variety of topics coated in 1Z0-147 that are not lined in 1Z0-144 is a lot lesser. However, the 1st three are astonishing taking into consideration the pronounced change to PL/SQL fundamentals in the 11G examination:

  • Privileges required to execute treatments
  • Parameter modes and DEFAULT values
  • Parameter passing solutions — by reference vs. by benefit
  • A much much larger emphasis on triggers
  • Extra references to consumer-facet PL/SQL (1Z0-144 largely ignores customer-facet)
  • Extra aim on PL/SQL dependencies and invalidations
  • Substantial objects and the use of the DBMS_LOB deal

If you conclusion up pursuing 1Z0-147, be sure to analyze using the Oracle 9i documentation. Abilities that have been added to PL/SQL in 10G or 11G will not be on that check. Obtaining investigated the matters for the two assessments, I take into consideration 1Z0-144 to be the greater exam from the standpoint of the facts tested. The issue make any difference is a superior combine of what is essential for an entry-amount PL/SQL developer to know. New builders learning for this exam will appear out with a much more rounded and finish information of PL/SQL fundamentals. Whichever examination you go after, be sure to analyze each individual of the exam matters listed on the Oracle Education and learning web page just before scheduling the examination. Excellent luck on the examination.

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