June 16, 2024

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Why Rails Developers Need God

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Any one that reads weblogs from the Rails neighborhood has probably presently read about God. No, not the deity in the sky, but an exceptional checking application that watches your procedures and keeps them running. I’ve generally found it used for taming mongrel but it can be employed to monitor any course of action.

We’re managing God for all our managed internet hosting purchasers to make certain their mongrels do not move out from exhaustion. It really is held up terrific so significantly. See the means at the conclusion of this article for our init script and a sample international config.

The God configuration file ought to be self explanatory. It can be just Ruby code, practically nothing magic going on there. I have just wrapped the main God.watch code all around some loops to allow help for monitoring an endless number of purposes. 1 compact observe about the init.d script: it initially launches God, and then loads the config file via the ‘god load’ command. I am informed that you can send god the -c parameter when launching it, but I’ve observed that occasionally (seemingly randomly) that is not going to load the config.

The init.d script really should perform high-quality on any RHEL/CentOS method. When you incorporate the file to /and many others/init.d/god just do:

chmod +x /and so on/init.d/god

chkconfig --incorporate god

chkconfig --stage 345 god on

/and so forth/init.d/god start

Now you are superior to go. Allow those people misbehaving K-9 devils do their best – they’re no match for God.

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